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2010-01-04 23:04:30 by luigibob

Hey, anyone wanna check out my new art? Its not that wonderful or anything... but, i just submitted a new piece, if anyone's interested! =)


2010-01-04 19:57:07 by luigibob

Jeez, my "art" has been on here for months and hasnt been scouted yet. ITS NOT THAT BAD! AFTER ALL, IT'S REALLY NOT MY FAULT THAT AT THAT TIME THE ONLY PROGRAM I HAD WAS MS PAINT!!! sheesh... anyway, it isn't a very good system of "scouting" in my opinion. How do you even find non scouted art? do you have to look on peoples profiles? feel free to comment, if you will... thats why i posted it here...


2009-08-19 22:43:28 by luigibob

hm... ok, so i submitted somethin to the art portal, and it hasn't been scouted yet. How does a scouted artist scout others? do they have to find their profile and see their art that way, or what?

OK what is this?

2009-08-14 01:04:42 by luigibob

WHAT is a post? i never seen this before...