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2010-01-04 19:57:07 by luigibob

Jeez, my "art" has been on here for months and hasnt been scouted yet. ITS NOT THAT BAD! AFTER ALL, IT'S REALLY NOT MY FAULT THAT AT THAT TIME THE ONLY PROGRAM I HAD WAS MS PAINT!!! sheesh... anyway, it isn't a very good system of "scouting" in my opinion. How do you even find non scouted art? do you have to look on peoples profiles? feel free to comment, if you will... thats why i posted it here...


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2010-01-04 20:28:21

well in short. yes. scouted users must go to your profile and look at your pictures and then scout you. however people can get recommended for scouting if they aren't already. The people with the most recommendations show up on a list private to scouted users. However, even if you do get scouted and your art doesn't meet up to newgrounds standards, then you will get unscouted as well as the person that scouted you. People won't scout you if they know your art isn't good enough because it would be too big a risk. Newgrounds isn't a place where anyone can showcase their artwork.

Although the newgrounds scouting system HAS been complained about by numerous users about it being to judgmental and I don't really know but I THINK they're trying to be a bit more lenient. but still, your artworks gonna have to get a bit better before you're scouted because a ton of people have seen enough madness tributes. Especially when done on ms paint with only one picture, your chances of getting scouted are very low. even I'm not scouted yet.

luigibob responds:

Ah, well thank you... that's helpful. If one could get unscouted for scouting someone, that totally makes sense...